Grandreams Nouveau Mayapuri

Wedding at The Grandreams Nouveau Palaces – Conceptualising novelty on the happiest day of your life

Once in a while, right in the middle,
of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairytale to cherish, to enjoy
to give away & come together in the serenity & blessings of small moments.

Small moments that make bigger dreams,
Small moments that make unforgettable occasions,
Small moments that blossom deep bonds and moments to eternity.

Ring your wedding bells in perfect sync. Cued to meet all wedding needs, The GranDreams Nouveau Palaces provides an alluring & awe-inspiring traditional setting for you to create unforgettable and timeless memories. An ideal venue, each banquet provides real indulgence with exclusive art collections & banqueting facilities.

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A-29,30, Satguru Ram Singh Rd,
Phase -1, Mayapuri Industrial Area
Phase I, Mayapuri, New Delhi,
Delhi 110064

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 (+91) 813 069 6969